These classes teach you how to build a user interface using Android layouts for all types of devices. Android provides a flexible framework for UI design that allows your app to display different layouts for different devices, create custom UI widgets, and even control aspects of the system UI outside your app's window.

Designing for Multiple Screens

How to build a user interface that's flexible enough to fit perfectly on any screen and how to create different interaction patterns that are optimized for different screen sizes.

Creating Custom Views

How to build custom UI widgets that are interactive and smooth.

Creating Backward-Compatible UIs

How to use UI components and other APIs from the more recent versions of Android while remaining compatible with older versions of the platform.

Implementing Accessibility

How to make your app accessible to users with vision impairment or other physical disabilities.

Managing the System UI

How to hide and show status and navigation bars across different versions of Android, while managing the display of other screen components.

Creating Apps with Material Design

How to implement material design on Android.

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